Marketing Tips to sell Real Estate in Brooklyn NY

Real estate agents and real estate investor in New York City may have much to benefit from online marketing. So, how do you start? How do you get people to look your way and pay attention, desiring to do business with you?

Start with your advertising campaign: SEO marketing for your website, web design, conversation. Your personal we buy houses website can boost your clients interest before potential buyers will drive around an area and check out houses that are on the market and before they make an appointment to view.

Only after that it makes a sense to look at your home and check your property. Take a tour of a home, walking through all the rooms and looking at them with fresh eyes. Doing this with an estate agent, when they are valuing can help here. Ask them if there is anything you need to improve or change.

1. Is it tidy? Clutter puts buyers off. So get as many of your possessions as possible out of the way, into storage, the roof space or cupboards.
2. Does anything need repairing?
3. Are the windows clean?
4. Does the front door look smart?
5. Does the garden look cared for?

Know New York City buyers
If your property is likely to appeal to a first-time buyer, you could include appliances, curtains and carpets in the asking price as this will make it more attractive. If your target buyer is a family with young children, make it clear where pushchairs can be stored, and if you haven’t got play equipment in the garden, put some in so it looks like a friendly space. If yours is a two bedroom house with a box room suitable as a nursery, put a cot or small bed in it to show it fits.

Tone it down
Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home. This is much easier to do when the setting is neutral and uncluttered. If your walls are bright, paint them a softer colour. Also, get rid of any mould, grease, grime or limescale in bathrooms and kitchens.

Make a feature
Every room can benefit from having a memorable feature that makes it seem different to the rest. This could be a stained glass window or a lovely fireplace. If there isn’t one, add a vase of flowers or a similarly striking accessory.

Create Space
Buyers like to see large, airy spaces: it’s easier for them to imagine where their furniture will go. So clear out furniture or fittings that you no longer need. It will also save you money when you are booking or organize your removals.

Be Positive
However desperate you are to sell your home, and whatever reservations you may have about your property, smile and find positive things to say about it: the atmosphere you create will influence how people feel about your home.

Be Accurate
Make sure your EPC is accurate by taking the time to prepare for the visit from the energy assessor. For Ex., know the thickness of your loft insulation and have ready receipts of work you have done to reduce the property’s CO2 emissions. Always ask the energy assessor if there are any improvements you can make prior to sale to help you reduce the cost of heating bills. Good preparation could lead to a better rating.

Take Precautions
Don’t show the property to viewers on your own unless you have some kind of proof of their identities, such as a landline number or address. In fact, if showing a viewer around, ask a friend or relative to be present. Make sure someone else knows you have an appointment and who it is with.